In an industry that thrives off of customer service and experience, and where your job doesn’t stop when you send your last email of the day, BMCI Ltd has been an exception among all others. I have been doing Logistics for more than 47 years, and in all my years I understand the importance of knowing your client, understanding their requirements, listening and producing a tailor-made solution for them.

I originally created Global Sports Logistics (GSL), a division of BMCI Ltd, in 2009 when my friend’s ski team was left stranded in Europe without their skis. After helping, it quickly came to my attention that this wasn’t uncommon. Fast forward 9 years and we have attended events such as, the Olympics, IAAF sanctioned events around the World and various Commonwealth Games.

Motorsports and cars in general are a passion of ours. Whether you bought parts for your British Classic Car from the UK or whether you have just purchased your dream car in Europe, we ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to transport the vehicle safely from the seller to your doorstep.

RV Camping or vacationing with your Airstream can be great fun but trying to take your camper with you can be very difficult. In 2010 along with BMCI Classic, BMCI Recreational was founded. I love to travel and traveling in discomfort can make or break a trip. We will make sure that you have everything you need to ship your recreational vehicle from its point of origin to the nearest port of your destination.

BMCI Ltd and its subdivisions were created to help people that are passionate about their lives, hobbies, and careers. The entire BMCI Ltd Team strives to provide the best one-on-one service.  Getting to know you is our top priority along with finding you the perfect forwarding/transportation solutions.

Don’t hesitate to call me or my team.

Joerg Hess